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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

25 Facts About Me! ✿

1. I love to dance, i've been dancing for over 11 years.

2. My favourite colour is purple, lilac to be exact!

3. I love colder seasons, like Autumn and Winter.

4. I've been very lucky to have travelled a lot, I've mostly been around Asia.

5. I am very fortunate to live the life that I have, thanks to my amazing family and friends.

6. I don't take anything for granted!

7. I don't mind school.

8. I can talk in two different languages fluently, and i'm learning two more languages in school.

9. My extended family; cousins, aunties, uncles, all live 8530km away.

10. I live in New Zealand!

11. I love shopping.

12. I have lovely friends, that I adore.

13. I have an older sister that is 3 years older than me, she is currently at University, so she doesn't live with me. I miss her terribly.

14. My favourite flower is a tulip.

15. My hair is growing faster than normal!

16. I love statement necklaces!

17. I would describe my fashion as quite girly; heaps of floral and pastel colours!

18. My favourite animal are tigers.

19. I've always wanted a cat, but never had one.

20. I laugh a lot, too much!

21. I've gone to see One Direction live in Auckland last year, the most amazing day of my life.

22. My favourite movie would be something like the Breakfast Club and Pitch Perfect.

23. I would love to travel all around Europe one day.

24. I try to be nice to everyone!

25. I'm very very close with all of my family.

I hope you enjoyed reading! xxx


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    Becky xx

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  4. You remind me so much of well, me haha!
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