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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hey girlies! Sorry for not posting! I have been so so busy, but hopefully i'll have one up by the end of this weekend. I've just had heaps of exams and dance competitions!
Have a lovely weeek xxxxxx

Saturday, 4 May 2013

❄ May ❄

I'm so excited for May! My birthday isn't too long away, it's on the 31st of May, so this makes this month super special! I will be turning 15, I'm the last one out of all my friends to turn 15, so it's about time. I hope this month will get colder as at the end of the month it will be Winter ❄ I love Autumn and Winter, the weather gets colder and the fashion gets better! Scarves, boots, warm clothing. For some of you it might be Spring, so hopefully the weather will get warmer! And sadly, tomorrow I start school again, beginning of Term 2. I'll be missing the holidays very much and will be waiting for the next holidays in about 2 or so months.
Have a lovely week everyone! xxxx